Unilever strives to be 100 percent recyclable, which means changing the design of their sachets, tubes and pumps/sprays, without changing the functional properties. They also want to use the maximum amount of post-consumer recycled plastic as possible. If you have ideas on how Unilever can maintain good quality and consistent component specs while using PCR in high levels, they would like to hear from you. As a VentureClash 2019 corporate partner, Unilever is looking for companies that address using less, better or no plastics.

Sustainable Plastic Packaging


Solutions that can reduce the amount of plastic (such as light weighting, fillers, concentrate and polymer switching) without loss in functionality, as with strength or barrier.


Improved ways to achieve higher levels of recycled, reusable and compostable packaging, retaining the same properties as today’s packs with respect to barrier, sealability, functional properties, product compatibility, etc., with a particular focus on sachets and tubes.


Eliminate single-use plastics, such as by using new materials, new formats or packaging that is part of the usable product until it disappears.

Sustainable Ingredients


Ingredients derived from renewable feedstocks and waste streams that may use green chemistry, with a focus on skin care, skin cleansing and hair care (sensory modifiers that may replace D5 silicone, fragrances, alcohols, fatty acids, etc.).