The following companies were selected as finalists in VentureClash Tel Aviv. They will pitch to a panel of live judges on Thursday, May 23, in Tel Aviv, Israel, for an opportunity to secure a $500,000 investment from Connecticut Innovations. The top three winners will also earn a fast pass into the semifinals round of VentureClash, the main competition.


Delivers solutions and technologies to cyber-profiling of small businesses for the insurance and banking sectors.


Provides a software-as-a-service platform automating, visualizing and simplifying cyber risk management for security teams while integrating live threat intel.


Offers a technology that removes the burden from creating and curating visual, engaging and relevant content at scale.


Leverages industrial IoT to dramatically increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs, by optimizing the use of critical systems.

Epistema Analytics

Provides an artificial intelligence–based decision-making platform that can follow experts’ discussions and assign a real level of confidence to competing views.


Offers a wearable personal communication device that gives a voice to locked-in patients by using audio feedback and eye gestures.

Offers proprietary technology that allows users to search entries between databases and merge and match data accurately, even across languages and unstructured databases.


Provides a revolutionary, remote, human vital-signs sensor that monitors human well-being status seamlessly, accurately and privately.


Brings revolutionary malware prevention technology to enterprises of all sizes to defeat any malware carried within files.


Enables companies to create an effective and ongoing innovation culture across the entire company.


Offers a real-time data fabric that allows enterprises to unlock the full potential of their multi-cloud.

Y&B Mother’s Choice

Creates technologies made of plant-sophisticated mechanisms that are integrated into global brands’ end products to offer people nutritive benefits.