Digital Health

Acorn Biolabs

Delivers affordable, non-invasive live cell collection, analysis and cryopreservation unlocking preventive and regenerative healthcare.


Accelerates regulatory approval for drugs and medical devices via automated text analytics.


Provides a privacy- and regulatory-compliant social plugin for health using artificial intelligence and matchmaking to deliver support at scale.


Offers a wearable personal communication device that gives a voice to locked-in patients by using audio feedback and eye gestures.

Graphene Services

Distributes traditional market research by converting public opinion to numeric insights that are faster, cheaper, unbiased and iterative.

Kinesis Health Technologies

Offers an objective tool for identifying older adults at risk of falling.


Helps healthcare apps get to the market 60 percent faster by codifying data privacy regulations into cloud hosting with prewritten, auditable policies.


Offers single-use drops that encapsulate personal care products, eliminating plastic waste.

Physimax Technologies

Leverages computer vision artificial intelligence to provide objective and scalable musculoskeletal wellness, functional performance and care programs.

ReferWell (Urgent Consult)

Uses a cloud-based platform to revolutionize the medical referral process, improving outcomes for payers, providers and patients.


Provides an innovative, artificial intelligence-based system that assists health insurers, employers and hospitals in making better decisions before medical procedures.

Sprout Wellness Solutions

Offers a well-being platform that engages employees to improve their health and enables HR leaders to manage and measure wellness programs.

Industry 4.0

Applied Brain Research

Offers a software platform, Nengo, that enables developers to build real-time artificial intelligence brains for smartphones, car and robots using next-generation AI chips.


Leverages the industrial Internet of Things to dramatically increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs by optimizing the use of critical systems.


Brings revolutionary malware prevention technology to enterprises of all sizes to defeat any malware carried within files.


Uses proprietary WPSN network products to enable complex transactions to be eliminated.


Enables companies to create an effective and ongoing innovation culture across the entire company through a project management platform.


Offers a real-time data fabric that allows enterprises to unlock the full potential of their multi-cloud.


Delivers a scalable, turnkey platform that extracts value from the digital transformation journey for medtech companies.


Develops a wide platform of new materials that are biodegradable with unique properties for the food packaging industry.

Y&B Mother’s Choice

Creates technologies made of plant-sophisticated mechanisms that are integrated into global brands’ end products to offer people nutritive benefits.

Financial Technology


Brings data collaboration to the enterprise, eliminating the need to buy and build applications.


Offers a technology that removes the burden of creating and curating visual, engaging and relevant content at scale.


Provides an artificial intelligence-based decision-making platform that can follow experts’ discussions and assign a real level of confidence to competing views.

GuardX (Xion)

Extracts information from semi-structured documents and improves your data collection and enrichment process.


Provides seamless mobility and data collection solutions for any means of public and shared transportation.


Helps solar and roofing contractors accelerate their sales by generating professional quotes in under 60 seconds.


Provides employees access to accrued wages, instantly and on-demand, like a payroll ATM.

Insurance Technology


Allows life insurance companies to double their profitability by turning data-driven business with our life insurance data platform.

Covr Financial Technologies

Changes how life insurance is sold with an innovative, digital life insurance platform for financial institutions and their customers.


Provides a software-as-a-service platform automating, visualizing and simplifying cyber risk management for security teams while integrating live threat intel.


Delivers an automated proactive customer care platform that enables brands to engage with their customers.


Offers peer-to-peer insurance that gets you insured using the snap of a picture and allows you to cash out all leftover premiums, every year.


Uses an artificial intelligence-powered insurance assistant that delivers a predictable, great customer experience every time.

Tremor Technologies

Provides a programmatic marketplace for the reinsurance industry that utilizes auction technologies and optimization techniques to maximize gains from trade.