Stanley Black & Decker and Connecticut Innovations awarded their Innovation Prize to DOZR, North America’s trusted marketplace for the online rental of heavy equipment.

Stanley Black & Decker
Connecticut Innovaions


Stanley Black & Decker and Connecticut Innovations offered their financial prize to a startup working on exciting problems with large market opportunities in Industry 4.0 and Security.

Industry 4.0


Manufacturing technology, systems and methods that:


  • Reduce capital and operational expenses
  • Improve productivity and operational efficiency
  • Improve asset utilization
  • Maximize operator performance
  • Reduce costs of maintenance as well as waste and scrap
  • Improve quality through enhanced traceability, predictive maintenance and anticipatory intelligence, and intelligent operational control

Advances in robotic perception, mobility, reasoning and manipulation that provide productivity and economic advantage for a broad range of tasks, such as material handling of line production or in industrial settings (e.g., pipeline welding or non-destructive inspection)

Future of Security


  • Physical and cyber methods for enterprise or retail, factory, home, school and product security
  • Methods for automated detection of cybersecurity threats, automated response and recovery management
  • Improvements in IoT security that increase the awareness and resilience of industrial machines and processes, automobiles and healthcare
  • Artificial intelligence for automated detection and tracking of both physical and digital threats
  • Enhancements to digital identity and access management (e.g., behavior-based identity, deception detection), mobile and cloud security, data, network and endpoint protection, blockchain and quantum key