Meet the Finalists

Voiceitt, Israel

A proprietary speech-recognition technology translates unintelligible speech into clear speech in real time.

CloudKPI, Ireland

An insight engine that enables SaaS businesses to predict likely outcomes.

IronYun, Connecticut

A next-generation AI deep-learning, big-data video search business-to-business software company.

Paygilant, Israel

A technology that prevents mobile payments fraud on mobile devices in the pre-authorization phase.

SnapSwap, Luxembourg

Offers white-label end-to-end know-your-customer (KYC) services for financial institutions and businesses.

DOZR, Canada

A marketplace for the online rental of heavy equipment.

Invixium, Canada

A manufacturer of modern biometric solutions for markets needing strong user authentication, convenience and data analytics.

Kasko, England

A digital insurance intermediary bridging the gap between the digital and insurance economies.

Panoply, Israel

A smart data warehouse, using machine learning and natural language processing to automate data integration, data management and query optimization.