When your game-changing idea is shaking up established industries and attracting customers left and right, protecting that idea, is probably high on your list. So how do you prevent your trade secrets—and your database of clients—from falling into the wrong hands? Many companies rely on a non-compete agreement. Also known as a covenant not to […]

We admit it: Pitches are nerve-wracking. You’ve got five minutes to wow investors. Or two. Or maybe even 30 seconds if you happen to find yourself riding in a fast-moving elevator with Daymond John (hey, it could happen). That’s a lot of information to pack into a short amount of time. Here, experts tell us […]

I have been in the venture capital business for more than a decade and I remember the old, golden rule that VCs should only invest in firms that are a one-hour drive away from their offices. This makes total sense when it comes to being close to the founders, understanding their local market and helping […]