If you’re an entrepreneur, your business is all-consuming. You work on it for days, months, even years on end. Doesn’t it seem odd, then, that you get only a few minutes to pitch it to investors? We thought so, too, so to help you nail your blink-and-you’ll-miss-it time in the spotlight, we rounded up tips […]

Mark Zuckerberg may want to rethink that ubiquitous hoodie. According to a study by Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky, wearing certain clothes can influence your psychological process. In one experiment, Northwestern University researchers demonstrated that wearing a lab coat, which is associated with “attentiveness and carefulness,” boosted study participants’ selective attention. In another, subjects who […]

We know from investing in myriad companies how much time entrepreneurs put into their pitches. And no wonder—if you can quickly convince us that you’ve got a disruptive, protectable idea, a large, addressable market, a brilliant team and a sound go-to-market strategy, you’re all but guaranteed to secure much-needed funding. But your delivery matters too. […]

We admit it: Pitches are nerve-wracking. You’ve got five minutes to wow investors. Or two. Or maybe even 30 seconds if you happen to find yourself riding in a fast-moving elevator with Daymond John (hey, it could happen). That’s a lot of information to pack into a short amount of time. Here, experts tell us […]