When it comes to venture capital in CT, Connecticut Innovations is proud to be named the most active VC in our state. Learn more about the top VCs across the country via the informative CB Insights article below. “Although startups based in California, New York, and Massachusetts have traditionally accounted for the majority of VC tech […]

Nicolas Rigaud Vice President of Marketing and Partners StreamData What does your company do? StreamData is a software company focused on helping developers build better user experiences by delivering accurate data. If you want to make good decisions, you need real-time information. 98% of API calls are retrieving data that already exists on websites or […]

I have been in the venture capital business for more than a decade and I remember the old, golden rule that VCs should only invest in firms that are a one-hour drive away from their offices. This makes total sense when it comes to being close to the founders, understanding their local market and helping […]

Clay Keller Cloud and Network Architect Dream Payments What does your company do? Dream Payments is a payments cloud that financial institutions and acquirers use to deliver mobile point of sale and payment acceptance solutions to their business customers. When was it established? Dream was founded in 2014 and we launched our service in market […]

Welcome to your opportunity to support Connecticut’s biggest venture award competition: VentureClash! This year marks our second annual event, and we’re building upon the success of our inaugural effort to engage some of the world’s most promising early-stage companies in market sectors that shape how we work and live: fintech, digital health, insurtech and the […]

Starting a business is incredibly difficult. Picking the best prospects to invest in is challenging as well. Looking to ratchet up the difficulty factor even more? Try starting or investing in a business in a different country! Luckily for us, Dana Roxana Bucin, an attorney who practices international business and immigration law here in Connecticut […]

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