Networking in a room filled with hundreds of people is difficult. You have less than a minute to capture someone’s attention and make a lasting impression. Elevator pitches are essential for any modern-day professional, but especially those involved with early-stage companies. It is the perfect way to get your foot in the door and entice […]

It takes a village to grow an early-stage company into a thriving business; that’s why VentureClash has launched a new Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program to provide competitors with a mentor who can advise them through the process. Each VentureClash semifinalist is carefully matched with an EIR mentor who can provide invaluable advice, resources and […]

VentureClash 2018 has entered its semifinalist round! As our semifinalist companies complete their second-round application and return from their trip to Connecticut, we want you to get to know them. At the end of June, the VentureClash team tackled the difficult task of narrowing almost 300 applicants down to only 33 companies. These 33 semifinalist […]

As VentureClash enters its third year, we are expanding the competition by enhancing our outreach efforts to recruit more companies across the United States and internationally. From Munich to Edinburgh, Amsterdam to Nigeria, our team members utilized their passports and met with hundreds of companies. Many of the visits were centered around conferences that allowed […]

Employee productivity is at an all-time high in Connecticut; the output per worker is 31% above the national average. What is contributing to this impressive spike in work product and productivity? Great question. For starters, Connecticut’s massive entrepreneurial community is leveraging new technologies that are driving high-speed growth and innovation, while a steady stream of […]

An interview with VentureClash team members Lauren Carmody and Jessica Dodge   1. Now that Round 1 applications for VentureClash have officially closed, can you give us a sense of what is happening behind the scenes right now? Of course. We get lots of questions about what is happening “behind the curtain” once the Round […]

February 15, 2018 By peHUBlogger Network Think back to where Connecticut was 20 years ago. A National Hockey League franchise had just left the state, it was one of the only places in the country where incomes were actually falling and we were known more for David Letterman’s speeding tickets than anything resembling innovation. On […]

When it comes to venture capital in CT, Connecticut Innovations is proud to be named the most active VC in our state. Learn more about the top VCs across the country via the informative CB Insights article below. “Although startups based in California, New York, and Massachusetts have traditionally accounted for the majority of VC tech […]

Nicolas Rigaud Vice President of Marketing and Partners StreamData What does your company do? StreamData is a software company focused on helping developers build better user experiences by delivering accurate data. If you want to make good decisions, you need real-time information. 98% of API calls are retrieving data that already exists on websites or […]

I have been in the venture capital business for more than a decade and I remember the old, golden rule that VCs should only invest in firms that are a one-hour drive away from their offices. This makes total sense when it comes to being close to the founders, understanding their local market and helping […]