Fintech is transforming the way we view financial services, including insurance, wealth management, lending, payments and secure transactions. Connecticut is home to leading financial services and insurance companies with more than $1.5 trillion in assets under management, all of which are looking to better manage their business for greater return, efficiency and safety. Connecticut is a great place to be when it comes to securing resources for your early-stage Fintech company.

Digital Health

Digital Health promises to play a considerable role in transforming healthcare—an industry that is rapidly “going digital” and is therefore ripe for disruption. Connecticut is home to prominent research universities, world-class biomedical research institutions, first-tier healthcare providers, data-rich health insurers, and leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Attracting the next generation of digital health innovators is of critical importance.


A number of entrepreneurs are creating breakthrough technologies to create a more user-friendly experience for people who buy insurance (so, all of us). Where better to grow an Insurtech startup than Connecticut, the Insurance Capital of the World? Connecticut has more insurance jobs than any other state, ranking number one in written life insurance premiums and number two for all direct written premiums. We’ve got the investors, top industry executives and experienced mentors who can help you take your Insurtech company wherever you want it to go.

Industry 4.0

There is a big shift in industrials, and connected computers are behind the transformation. The growing trend of machine communications with an external cloud enabling connected products in an industrial context is called Industry 4.0, commonly referred to as the industrial internet of things (IIoT). This category includes advanced and predictive analytics, machine learning/artificial intelligence, critical cybersecurity systems, virtual and augmented reality, cloud computing and blockchain. Example applications of these technologies within an industrial context could include connected aircraft, a smart supply chain, smart factories, connected elevators and others. When it comes to industrials, Connecticut scores top marks for global research, productivity and innovation, and human capital—the perfect ingredients for disruption.