Why Connecticut? Long-Time Residents Weigh In

As VentureClash pitch day approaches, we bet you’re thinking about how an expansion into the U.S. market via Connecticut might transform your business. But what about actually living here? What’s it really like? We turned to Nutmeggers, as the state’s residents are called, for answers. Read what they say below.

VentureClash: “What do you love about living in Connecticut?”


“The shoreline, the mountains, the biking trails, and the excellent school systems. Also the state fairs in the fall, skiing in winter, hiking in spring, and the beach parties in the summer. The architecture here in Connecticut beautiful, the jobs are great, and traffic flows freely. And New York City is a short train ride away—you can be there, or in Boston or Washington, D.C., pretty quickly.
—Amy R., Wethersfield

“The change of seasons.”
—Jodie D., Woodbury

“The progressive culture.”
—Gina V., Cheshire

“It’s proximity to everything in New England.”
—Kaitlin M., Hamden

“Lots of great breweries. Lots of free yoga classes in parks around the state. Great restaurants. Easy access to casinos. The Yard Goats (local baseball team). UConn basketball.”
—Melissa F., Plainville

“The smart people.”
—Ben G., Woodbridge

“Access to great healthcare, the progressive policies, and the top-notch education.”
—Jeremy B., Cheshire

“Definitely the seasons.”
—Mark S., Rocky Hill

“It’s close to New York and Boston.”
—Michelle K., Cheshire

“You don’t have to worry about earthquakes, tornadoes (for the most part), forest fires, or other weather extremes.”
—Deb F., Cheshire

“The proximity to the mountains and shore, and the great culture. I like that you can be in the country so quickly. And access to services [is great].”
—Katrina P., Rocky Hill

“Great breweries, the shoreline, great healthcare, and great jobs.”
—Amy C., West Hartford

“The great school system and the great jobs.”
—Inger H., Seymour

“As someone who grew up here, left and eventually came back, I’d say, from that perspective, the state is a beautiful one. Drives through Old Lyme are breathtaking, the ocean is 30 minutes away, and taking a train to New York couldn’t be easier. Seeing live music in a clamshell in Simsbury, apple picking, oh and Massachusetts and Rhode Island are a hop, skip, and a jump away. Finally, a small-town feel is present in many towns, the back roads are beautiful, boating is great, and lastly, it’s home.”
—Michelle D., Rocky Hill

“Definitely the pizza. And the housing prices.”
—Sam D., Wallingford

“No matter what you do in the state, it’s all pretty close by.”
—Dylan B., New Britain

“The diversity of people. And the great schools. Oh and healthcare.”
—Glenn H., Meriden

“From someone who travels a bunch I see how nice Connecticut is. It’s a great place to enjoy the seasons but also the zoning and care of the communities is better than many down south. The education is very strong and for the most part it’s easy to get around in the state.”
—Kathy Z., Cheshire

“I love all four seasons; each one is so unique and offers so much beauty! We also were just talking about how lucky we are to live so close to New York, Boston, and the coastline. There is also a classic feel to the state.”
—Mary W., Bloomfield

“I love the change of seasons and the proximity to a variety of places.”
—Brenda F., Manchester

“It’s close to New York City, Boston, Rhode Island, and Maine and you can visit any one of those as a day trip. The ocean is close by, and there’s a lot of rural land, but it’s not too far from civilization no matter where in the state you are.”
—Amy C., Cheshire

“The public education system, healthcare, the centralized location…I could go on. I love my state!”
—Jen C., Wethersfield