U.S. Visa Options for VentureClash Companies

International companies seeking to expand their business to the United States must first navigate through the difficult task of immigration. Thankfully, there are attorneys who specialize in the U.S. immigration process, like Dana Bucin, who can provide helpful strategies to simplify the process and smooth the transition.

Dana Bucin is an attorney and partner at Murtha Cullina, a Connecticut-based law firm, focusing on immigration law, international business transactions and corporate law. As a former international student herself, Dana is well versed in representing business and individual clients with work visas, green card applications, entrepreneurial investor visas and other personalized immigration needs.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will explain in detail the path to citizenship for international entrepreneurs and investors, including non-immigration visas and green card options, by describing:

  • Various types of visas
  • Immigration strategies available to international investors and entrepreneurs
  • Immigration options available for company team members
  • Guidelines on structuring the business to meet immigration goals

Further Information/Questions

If you have questions about the information provided in this webinar or would like further guidance on immigration and visa issues, feel free to contact Dana Bucin at Murtha Cullina (860) 240-6081.