Meet our Semifinalists

VentureClash 2018 has entered its semifinalist round! As our semifinalist companies complete their second-round application and return from their trip to Connecticut, we want you to get to know them.

At the end of June, the VentureClash team tackled the difficult task of narrowing almost 300 applicants down to only 33 companies. These 33 semifinalist companies represent four sectors: 7 are digital health, 7 are financial technology (fintech), 9 are insurance technology (insurtech) and 10 are Internet of Things.


Our 2018 Semifinalists:

Alleantia – Alleantia offers Industry 4.0 plug-and-play—seamless enabling of IoT apps to make industries smarter.

Amplified Payment System – Amplified Payment System is building a new platform for distributing and enhancing access to financial services in Africa by leveraging social messaging.

Aureus Analytics – Aureus is a customer intelligence and experience company helping insurers deliver superior customer experience leading to greater retention, long-term value and loyalty.

AXIS – Axis Gear is an IoT device to automate existing window shades, utilizing AI based on weather and sensor data to improve energy efficiency.

CloudKPI – CloudKPI is an insight engine that enables SaaS businesses to predict likely outcomes, today, to influence better outcomes for tomorrow.

CompareIN – CompareIN is a free and unbiased online technology insurance distribution system.

Data2Life – Data2Life is a multidimensional health intelligence, harnessing AI to transform healthcare.

Deemly – Deemly is a reputation and social verification software for sharing economy businesses increasing trust, activity and revenue.

DOZR – DOZR is North America’s trusted marketplace for the online rental of heavy equipment.

Enterprise Bot Private – Enterprise Bot automates customer contact centers, saving millions of dollars in hours by using deep learning.

Helios Wire – Helios Wire is building out a satellite-powered IoT network, providing connectivity into remote devices worldwide, through the company’s own satellites.

Intelocate – Intelocate is a global command and control system for managing multi-location business operations.

Invixium – Invixium is a Canadian manufacturer of modern biometric solutions for markets needing strong user authentication, convenience and data analytics.

IronYun – IronYun is the next-generation AI deep-learning, big data video search B2B software company.

Kasko – As a digital insurance intermediary, Kasko bridges the gap between the digital and insurance economies.

Klipboard – Klipboard provides mobile field service made simple. Organize and streamline your field service management business by saying goodbye to paper-based methods.

LoyLap – LoyLap removes the pain from everyday purchasing while increasing returns for business.

Magentiq Eye – Magentiq Eye works hard to make detection in colonoscopy tests much easier by using deep learning and computer vision technology.

Mediktor – Mediktor enables payers direct members to the right level of care efficiently through its proprietary white-labeled clinical triage solution.

Medsolis – Medsolis’s remote care platform automates care plans to handle holistic health needs, and its highly personalized mobile app drives engagement.

Medstack – MedStack offers cloud hosting for apps that automatically builds in and manages privacy, security and data requirements for the healthcare industry. – Medtel’s surgical care team workflow platform leverages data, improves outcomes and reduces costs through analytics in a value-based world.

now4cover – now4cover is building a global ecosystem of insurance and related products and services underpinned by custom-built fully-digital contracts.

Panoply – Panoply is the world’s only smart data warehouse, using machine learning and natural language proccessing to automate data integration, data management and query optimization.

Paygilant – Paygilant’s technology is designed to prevent mobile payments fraud on the mobile device in the preauthorization phase.

Pozi Technologies – Pozi helps eliminate waste from manufacturing by giving a real-time digital interpretation of all logistic processes.

RozieAI – RozieAI’s state-of-the-art language comprehension and context management solutions help brands offer personalized customer care, at scale.

Self Care Catalysts – SCC is powered by patient insights to promote positive health outcomes, generate real-world evidence and drive product life cycle management.

SnapSwap International – SnapSwap offers white-label end-to-end know-your-customer (KYC) services for financial institutions and businesses in compliance with EU regulations.

Social Lender – Social Lender helps financial institutions offer microcredit based on social reputation.

Spin Analytics – Spin Analytics brings digital transformation to credit risk management by leveraging predictive analytics, AI and ML techniques on big data.

Spot Sensor Technologies – Spot Sensor Technologies is a hardware IoT company delivering outstanding insights in environmental and asset monitoring for smart cities and industry.

Voiceitt – Voiceitt’s proprietary speech recognition technology translates unintelligible speech into clear speech.