Fueling Connecticut’s Innovation Through Coworking

Employee productivity is at an all-time high in Connecticut; the output per worker is 31% above the national average. What is contributing to this impressive spike in work product and productivity? Great question. For starters, Connecticut’s massive entrepreneurial community is leveraging new technologies that are driving high-speed growth and innovation, while a steady stream of talent, investment dollars, and high-caliber mentoring means that employees and employers alike have the tools, the talent, and the dollars to make better/faster sense of their opportunities.

In addition to the undeniable virtual gains of working in 2018, Connecticut also happens to be home to 15% of the world’s 8,000 coworking spaces—giving start-ups and seasoned companies large and small the benefits of physically working together. From realizing the many financial efficiencies of sharing office space, to the inherently influential networking potential and collaborative benefits of working with motivated and like minded people, coworking spaces across our state have provided a nucleus for resourceful professionals.

“Coworking provides a flexible, affordable professional environment with a community built in,” said Maggie Gotterer of B:Hive, a co-working space located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and CTNext partner. “With that sense of community also comes the bonus of networking and building collaborations with other like-minded folks in related fields, exposure to new ideas, learning about other industries. We find that a lot of our members sought us out explicitly for that creative and social stimulation that helps them stay focused and productive.”

From ad-hoc reservations of fully-decked out conference rooms, to use of shared office resources like high-speed internet, printing, and coffee, to bikeshares, educational and incubation programs, makerspaces, even use of kayaks, the offerings of Connecticut’s coworking spaces runs the gamut, and offers professionals a chance to focus on what matters: getting stuff done, while having a little fun along the way.


Coworking Spaces in CT: