10 Questions with StreamData

Nicolas Rigaud
Vice President of Marketing and Partners

What does your company do?
StreamData is a software company focused on helping developers build better user experiences by delivering accurate data. If you want to make good decisions, you need real-time information. 98% of API calls are retrieving data that already exists on websites or other digital endpoints, resulting in both inaccurate information and wasted resources.

When was it established?
StreamData was created in 2008, but our SAAS (Software As A Service) product was released in 2014.

What is your role?
I’m in charge of Marketing and Partners. So I focus on attracting and growing business, as well as cultivating and strengthening partnerships through advanced integration of our product into an ecosystem.

Where is your business located?
Stamford, CT at Comradity.

What are the advantages of this location?
We like being at Harbor Point, in what is clearly a dynamic neighborhood. We’re benefitting from a ‘human-sized’ coworking space, with an office configuration that encourages sharing and collaboration. The setting is much better than having a private office, and just being stuck with ourselves all day.

Where are you from?
I’m from Paris, France. StreamData’s Research and Development department is located Grenoble, in the French Alps.

How did you end up in Connecticut?
We relocated as a result of VentureClash. The finance industry focus of Stamford is key, as is the distance to New York. We’re well-connected, professionally, and geographically.

Where do you live?
Renting in Stamford, walking to work. Very nice commute.

Name 5 things you like about living and working in CT?
I really love it here. The green spaces, being close to the ocean. The American approach to gastronomy and wine culture is different, but totally enjoyable. My daughter will visit sometimes and I’m sure she will be thrilled, and just might enjoy being in Connecticut more than living in Paris. There is more sunshine, more room.

Any additional comments or thoughts on why people and/or companies should consider starting up, or moving to the Nutmeg state?
I fell in love with the United States the first time I visited. I really wanted to have an insider experience, which is exactly what’s happening, thanks to VentureClash.


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