10 Questions with Dream Payments

Clay Keller
Cloud and Network Architect
Dream Payments

What does your company do?
Dream Payments is a payments cloud that financial institutions and acquirers use to deliver mobile point of sale and payment acceptance solutions to their business customers.

When was it established?
Dream was founded in 2014 and we launched our service in market October 2015.

What is your role?
Build, maintain and support all company environments and services.

Where is your business located?
Stamford, CT

What are the advantages of this location?
• Convenient access to international airport
• Substantial networking opportunities
• Metropolitan services with a small town vibe

Where are you from?
Dallas, TX

How did you end up in Connecticut?
VentureClash’s 2016 1st Place investment award, relocation through work.

Where do you live?
Downtown Stamford

Name 5 things you like about living and working in CT?
• Friendly people
• Comfortable climate
• Convenient access to plethora of interesting destinations
• Family friendly area and good schools
• Safety and low crime rates

Any additional comments or thoughts on why people and/or companies should consider starting up, or moving to the Nutmeg state?
Connecticut provides a pleasant environment with many amenities including ample office and housing space that’s readily available for startups and their families.


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