6 LinkedIn Groups Fintech Entrepreneurs Need to Join

Fintech is a burgeoning industry with new companies, technologies, investments and deals almost every day! Fintech entrepreneurs need to stay on top of the latest industry developments, in order to stay relevant and ahead in the game. Well, that’s where LinkedIn groups come in.

Fintech groups on LinkedIn can be your go-to platforms to network with your peers, learn about new developments and discuss the industry’s burning topics. We have highlighted the top six fintech groups on this popular social media channel. Join these today and navigate the complex world of fintech like a pro!

1. FinTech 20/20:

This group describes itself as a “forum for all participants in the rapidly expanding fintech ecosystem.” FinTech 20/20 is indeed one of the more popular groups for financial technology stakeholders from around the globe. The group is sponsored by Treasury Strategies, well-known consultants in payments, liquidity and banking.

Members actively post articles, ask questions and share their opinions on relevant topics. For example, the discussion on Bitcoin as the ultimate fiat currency saw many members share their viewpoints. Other key topics for discussion have included Data is the best defense against fintech startups and Digital onboarding improves engagement of new customers.

The current membership of the group stands at 95,500, but new members are added almost every day! Are you ready to join this fast-growing community of fintech movers and shakers? Click HERE to get to this group.

2. FinTech Startups:

As the name suggests, this is THE platform for fintech entrepreneurs. Join this group for the latest updates about fintech events, technologies, job vacancies and more. Powered by Empire Startups, this group brings you the perfect opportunity to network with other innovators and top industry minds. Not just that, the group aims to “bridge the gap between fintech entrepreneurs and the investment community.”

Members regularly share insightful articles and participate in relevant discussions. Topics of discussion have included Should insurance carriers start thinking and acting like insurtech entities? and The most important thing in fintech: Advent of APIs and banking APIs are real too.

This group has a strength of 18,528 members. It is managed by Jon Zanoff, entrepreneur in residence at Techstars, and Stephanie MacConnell, program director at Empire Startups. Do you want to be a part of FinTech Startups? Click here to get plugged in!

3. Bank and Finance Technology—Fintech Banking Systems Financial Executives:

Are you building technologies and solutions that drive innovation in financial services? If yes, then check out this LinkedIn group right away!

This group exists to bring together technology and business managers, systems administrators and developers from fintech. Members actively share their experiences regarding different systems and applications used in banking and financial institutions.

The system is run by four administrators, and currently has 79,290 members. Some of the trending topics posted on this forum have included discussions around KPMG’s recent white paper Banking the Customer Experience Dividend.

In fact, you can join this group right here.

4. Mobile Payments, Fintech, MPOS, Mobile Banking:

If your fintech startup is dabbling in mobile technologies, you need to join this group today. This group intends to “share news and market data about mobile payment technologies and mobile financial services.” Not just that, this group is the perfect place for discussions around mobile point-of-sales (MPOS) strategies and “the latest technologies to enable interaction at MPOS.”

Some of the posts on the group that have stirred up animated discussions include: What Americans like and don’t like about mobile payments and Do consumers really care about ApplePay, AndroidPay and SamsungPay as mobile payments providers?

The group has a base of 30,039 active members, and is run by nine admins from wide-ranging backgrounds. The latter include Silvano Maffeis, co-founder of Vipera; James Bourne, editor at TechForge Media; and Simeon Dianga, founder of Ideal Virtual Solutions.

Are you ready to join the discussion around the “evaluation, development and deployment” of mobile financial solutions? Click HERE to check out this LinkedIn group.

5. FINTECH Circle:

A well-known industry name, FINTECH Circle is building a community of “entrepreneurs, investors and intrapreneurs.” Its namesake LinkedIn group is where senior leaders, entrepreneurs, top executives, investors, thought leaders and visionaries from fintech gather.

This group aims to “enable emerging financial technology firms to execute their vision, and to successfully expand their fintech businesses.” Its current membership stands at 13,610 members.

With promotional activities and irrelevant postings filtered out, this is where you will find valuable and insightful information. The group is owned by Susanne Chishti, who needs no introduction to fintech enthusiasts. As CEO of FINTECH Circle, chairman of FINTECH Circle Innovate and co-editor of The FINTECH Book, Susanne is successfully disrupting the industry and connecting fintech startups to investors.

Join today to make the right connections! Check FINTECH Circle out right away.

6. Bank Innovation:

Bank Innovation is “dedicated to uprooting the status quo in global banking.” This LinkedIn group is an outgrowth of www.bankinnovation.net, and shares the same motto: “to make banking better.”

So, if you’re passionate about driving innovation in banking and financial services, this group is for you! Join today to network, and share your insights and ideas, with other disrupters of the industry. This where you will find all the news, articles and developments about the banking industry.

Don’t delay—17,343 other banking innovators are waiting for you! Are you ready to be a part of the conversation that will change banking, as we know it? Join Bank Innovation now.

All these LinkedIn groups offer fantastic opportunities for fintech entrepreneurs to interact with, and reach out to, others in the industry. These platforms are where you can ask questions, share your opinions, seek information, read the latest industry news or just chat with other innovators.

Which LinkedIn group will you be joining today?

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